How to choose the right audio visual company for your event

When choosing the right audio visual company for your event please consider the following; How long have they been in business? Do they have good reviews and reputation in the industry? Do they make you feel comfortable when talking to them? Do they explain the limitations of the event place or venue that you have chosen based on your requirements for the event? Do they have top of the line equipment and educated engineers? Will they work with your budget without compromising the integrity of your event? When planning an event one of the most important things you can do is hire the right audio visual company. In this industry a well rounded company with educated engineers that are friendly is very important. If your audience is having a hard time hearing or seeing what is being presented then your audio visual company has failed. You deserve the impact and professionalism that you require at every event. From a 20 person board meeting to a 1000 person summit. Venues will want you to believe that you are required to use their in house audio visual systems. This is false. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the right audio visual company for you and your event.…

Technical Specialists and Engineers

Alpine Audio Visual has a team of technical specialists and professional sound, lighting and visual engineers for your next event. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the audio visual industry. Alpine Audio Visual has been a Boulder based company for over 15 years. We love Boulder! We want to make your next event perfect! Call us today to talk to one of our event specialist about your next event! 303-545-2147

Sound System Rentals

Let your next event be heard! Alpine rents sound systems to fit any size event. From an outdoor wedding to a larve venue event we cover it all. We offer wireless microphone systems so your next event has crystal clear sound. Call today and let Alpine’s Audio Visual Experts help you with your next event! Call Today 303-545-2147

Sound System Rental – Speaker Rental – Microphone Rental

Don’t let your next event go unheard! There is nothing worse than attending an event that you can barely hear what is going on or even worse the microphone is squealing so bad you have to hold your hands on your head through the whole event. You would not want to sit through this so don’t let your guests at your next event suffer through it. Take your hands off your head and pick up the phone! ┬áCall Alpine Audio Visual and let our Audio Visual Experts help determine the right sound system for your next event. We will make your next event a hit with crystal clear sound that everyone hears. Call us Today! 303-545-2147