Speaker System Rental Boulder

Alpine Audio Visuals technical audio engineers are here for your speaker system rental. They will work with you on any event to find the perfect speaker system rental for any event. Call us today and talk to one of our specialists. 303-545-2147

Technical Specialists and Engineers

Alpine Audio Visual has a team of technical specialists and professional sound, lighting and visual engineers for your next event. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the audio visual industry. Alpine Audio Visual has been a Boulder based company for over 15 years. We love Boulder! We want to make your next event perfect! Call us today to talk to one of our event specialist about your next event! 303-545-2147

Corporate Audio Visual

Alpine Audio Visual has prided themselves on being the best corporate audio visual company in Boulder. We understand what it takes to provide the most professional looking and sounding corporate events. Our dedicated staff will work with you and your team to make sure that we get every detail perfect. Alpine Audio Visual has worked with corporate clients all over the United States providing the top of the line audio visual for any company in any location. That’s right! We will travel with you and your company to make sure that you have the consistent professionalism and high quality events where ever you are. Call us today for your next corporate event! 303-545-2147

Sound System Rental

Alpine Audio Visual has many sound systems for events big and small! We offer batter powered speaker rentals for those events that are in remote locations with no access to power. We also offer top of the line microphone rentals and audio mixer rentals. Call us today to speak to one of our experts about your sound system rental! 303-545-2147

Projector Rental

Alpine Audio Visual has a wide variety of projector rentals for your event! Anything from standard definition 3000 lumen projectors to high definition projector rental that is 5000 lumens and more! Call us to day to speak to one of our audio visual professionals about your projector rental!!   303-545-2147

Wedding Audio Visual

Are you getting married? Congratulations! Make your special day great with our speaker rental and microphone rental. With our sound everyone will be able to hear your I do’s! We also have a battery powered speaker system rental for those venues with no power available. We also offer projector rentals and tv rentals for those fun slide shows during your reception! Call us today to talk about sound for your wedding. 303-545-2147

Outside Events?

Colorado is a beautiful state and having events outside is something we love to do! Alpine Audio Visual can provide the PA system rental you need for your outside event! Need a microphone rental? We got you cover there as well! Every one of your guests will have a great time and will be able to hear every work you say with our crystal clear speaker system rental. Call us today to book your next event! 303-545-2147

Boulder Audio Visual

Are you having an event in Boulder and need an audio visual rental? Call us today for your events needs! We can provide you with anything you need from a projector rental to a sound system rental to a microphone rental. We can’t wait to provide audio visual for your next event or meeting! 303-545-2147

Denver Audio Visual

Alpine Audio Visual provides audio visual support to Denver! Call us today for your next large event rental. 303-545-2147

Having an event in a gymnasium?

Let Alpine Audio Visual Take care of your audio visual needs! We have sound systems and projection for 5 people up to 5000 people. Gymnasiums can be very difficult for perfect sound and projection. Alpine and its staff have spent years perfecting their technique so that no matter the gym your sound will be perfect. Call us today to talk to one of our AV professionals about your next gymnasium event! 303 – 545 – 2147