What size screen do I use for my event?

Every event is different, therefore choosing the right size screen for your event is very important. Let me share some examples with you.

If you are having an event in a small meeting room with about 10 – 20 people then you will most likely only need a 50 or 60 inch flat screen monitor. This monitor will be plenty big for your group. When you hold an event in a tight space like a small meeting room, board room or even a restaurant using a monitor instead of projection can save space and also eliminate the need for the projector to be on your table in order to get the proper throw distance.

If you are having a town hall style meeting or an all hands meeting with 100-300 people then you will most likely want to use one or two eight foot wide projection screens depending on the width of your meeting space. This way with a larger projected image your attendees will be able to see all of the information on your slides.

If you are having a larger style event such as a fundraiser, awards ceremony, banquet or any large event with 500 – 1000 people or more then you will need much larger fast fold or truss build screens for the perfect viewing experience for your attendees.

There are many factors that go into choosing the right size monitor or projection screen for your event. One of the biggest factors that goes into this decision is going to be the ceiling height of your venue.

Alpine Audio Visual is prepared to talk with you regarding the perfect visual experience for your event. Our dedicated technical directors and visual engineers are more than willing to accompany you to your sight survey or walk through of your venue to discuss any and all details of your event.

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